Welcome to - Oliver Street Christian Ministry

Ollie 350
Welcome to my Ministry Website.
I am a man who is passionate about his faith and ministry, as is hopefully communicated by a professional Website and a long history of both secular and christian qualifications and experience.
But if you will bear with me for just one moment, I feel it is important to make absolutrely clear that publicising myself in this way, has absolutely nothing to do with me having a religious ego, nothing could be further from the truth. I recognise that sometimes such enevours can get misinterpreted, so wish to simply put that issuer to bed right at the start, my heartfelt objective and reason for representing myself in a professional manner, is give God the very best that I can offer, and represent a faith that can relate to modern life, culture and the world at large.
With that out of the way, I wish to give a very brief introduction - more detailed infromation is located on the comprehensive website pages above.
I have a three fold ministry, 1) Preaching & Teaching, 2) Music and Worship, and 3) Art Ministry. I am not restricted to any single christian denoniation, but attend a Methodist Church in North Devon. My ministy is directed towards both furthering Gods kingdom here on earth, seeing bible prophesies unfold according to his will, and supporting and building up the body of Christ in learning, gifting and service. Although I have the three different ministries, I often combine one or more of them together in visiting a church to get involved in a service or event, sometimes all three together.
I am a fun loving, friendly and loyal individual. I know when to be serious and when it is fine to have a laugh together. Please look at the rest of my website and do contact me if I can be of service to you or your congregation / organisation. I will be delighted to help, and love making new, long term relationships. God bless.