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Ollie 350
I am a Christian who feels pationately about using his gifts and talents for ministry in two specific areas, 1) Itinerant Preaching and Teaching, and, 2) Music and Worship Ministry. Both of these ministries are intended to serve God within his family - the Church, and reach out to the Communities and the World in which we, live. I am not a member of the Clergy, or in full-time Christian Work, but minister on a voluntary basis outside of running a Professional Art Business. These skill in teaching and music have been developed over many, many years of training and experience. I fully recongise the serious responsibility involved in such work, and approach each ministry engagement with great care, prayer, patience and wisdom.
I am a very collaborative person who likes to work alongside others, often in teams on joint initiatives. Although I often minister on my own, I feel collaboration is a very important part of my personal strengths, and a good way to build up ministry relationships and partners.
I am a member of South Molton Methodist Church, in North Devon. The Vicar and Elders of the Church fully support my Ministry calling.

My Professional Career has focused in Secondary School Education, Special Needs Support and The Arts. This is clearly explained within the Web Page headed, 'Qualifications'. Alongside this, since being a teenager, I have always had a great interest and passion for Theology and The Bible. I have completed a wide range of study programs, to enable me to be equiped properly for this work and ministry. This is summarised on the Web Page, headed, 'Theology Training'.

I am priveledged to minister to people all over the UK.

If you would like to discuss with me how my gifts can be used in conjunction with your own ministry needs, I would be delighted to hear from you.

For Gods Glory.

Oliver Street.